Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I emailed our agency and just heard back that we can estimate that our dossier was logged in on 9-15. That means that we're 5 days into our TA wait!!! The earliest that we might receive our TA could be mid November but most likely it will be in December sometime.

Things to pray for:
1. That Ethan will be safe and healthy until we can bring him home.
2. That Brandon will be prepared for the changes in our family when Ethan comes home.
3. That our dossier will be processed quickly at CCAA with no problems.
4. That we can travel and bring Ethan home this year.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Chengde SWI part 1

Part 1. Ethan is in the blue and white striped shirt and green and white shorts
Chengde SWI part 2

Part 2
Chengde SWI part 3

Part 3
Chengde SWI part 4

Part 4

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We're DTC!!!!

As of today 9-7-06 we are officially DTC. Our dossier is on it's way to China. It is scheduled to arrive on 9-11 and once checked over by our agency person in China, it will be submitted. They expect that we'll be logged in by the end of next week! It feels so nice to be past this mark. Now we wait for our TA.

Things to pray for:
1. That our dossier will arrive safely in China and will be submitted and logged in quickly.
2. That China will process our dossier quickly so that we can bring Ethan home for Christmas.
3. That Ethan will be healthy and safe until we can bring him home.

Here is a new picture we just received of Ethan, he was around 6-9 months old.