Monday, May 25, 2009


Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ethan asked me the other day to find him a wife. He has brought it up many more times adding things to his list of what he wants in a wife. I asked him to tell me again, while I taped it so I wouldn't forget.

I have more videos to load, but I've been having trouble getting them loaded, so I'll go ahead and post these and try to get the rest up soon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Horseback riding

There is one thing that Ethan has been talking about that he wants to do again this summer. Therapeutic horseback riding. When I first called they had just filled their last slot but I got a call today and they had a cancellation. He gets to ride!!!!

This was Ethan's first time riding last spring. He didn't like it at all.

By the end of the session he loved it and wanted to do it by himself without the sidewalkers holding onto him. Here was his award for most improved.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Out of the mouths . . . marriage

Ethan has been talking about marriage lately. First he wanted to marry me, after I explained that I was already married to Daddy and he'd have to find someone else he asked me to find him a good woman. First, I told him you have to graduate from high school and college first, might as well start those thoughts now. ;o) I asked him what kind of woman he wanted to marry. He listed that she's pretty, cook for him, help him play Wii, get the mail, drive him to school, take care of him. She could drive the van and she'd be the mommy and he'd be the daddy.

He wanted to know what her name is going to be, I tried to explain that we won't know that for a long time until he's an adult. He still wanted a name so he starting going through some names, first Miss Sheila his para, but decided he didn't want to marry her, then Miss Smith, another teacher at school, because she's pretty. After I explained that she's already engaged and planning to get married to someone else then he had to think a bit, then decided he'd marry Megan, a friend from his class last year, because she's pretty. He said that she could cook for him. I asked him if she cooked for him, what would he do for her. His response, whatever she tells me.

We might have to work on a few of the finer points of marriage over the next 20 years.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brandon's sculpture of our first President. George Washington and the background he made to display it at the school art show.
One of two bunnies Daddy and Brandon found this afternoon while out mowing. This one was the medium sized one, but still really small that was at the base of the oak tree.

A different view of the medium sized bunny.

The little bunny that was in the middle of the front yard. You can see how small he is in comparison to the clovers.
Ethan talking about the bunnies.

Brandon found a new place to relax.

Yep, on top of the shed.

Here he is climbing up.