Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ten Years of Family

Ten years!!

I can hardly believe it’s been ten whole years since I first held Brandon in my arms.

What an amazing feeling to be handed my first child in that airport from the ladies who escorted him from The Home of God’s Love in Taiwan into his mama’s waiting arms.

Happy Gotcha Day to my smart, funny, amazing son!

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's hard not to laugh

Ethan always keeps me on my toes. Almost daily there are times I have to squelch a smile about something he says or does. The icky sick bug has hit at our house and Ethan has a very stuffy nose. Our conversation at bedtime Monday night went a little like this:

E: “So, Sinus’ are where my boogers life?”

Me: “yes”

E: “How medicine get up there?”

Me: “It goes down to your tummy then travels up to your sinus’ to help get rid of the boogers.”

E: “Its like a broom and sweep the boogers out?”

Me: “Uh . . . yeah”

E: “Drink water help get boogers out too?”

Me: “Yes, drinking a lot of water helps you get better and get the boogers out”

E: “Drink water flood the boogers out?”

Me: “Getting lots of sleep helps a whole lot, so let’s get you tucked in so you can sleep and feel better tomorrow.”

Sometimes you just have to change the subject a little so you don’t laugh out loud.

I’m am very thankful for two munchkins who keep me laughing as we work our way through life.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun and Food Friday!!!

We do most of our schooling Monday through Thursday with Fridays left for any catch up we might have to do from doctor appointments or other things that might change our schedule during the week. This year with homeschooling both of the munchkins I have instituted “Fun and Food Friday’s” where we do some sort of fun project, or a cooking activity. Munchkin #2 loves to help me in the kitchen and it is such a good learning activity for him that I love letting him help.

Today for “Fun and Food Friday” we dipped Oreo’s and pretzels.

Let me tell you . . .

A fun and messy time was had by all.