Tuesday, July 31, 2007

McDonalds Playland fun

My boys in the slide.

With everybody's favorite, Ronald McDonald.

The 5 muskateers. Brandon and Ethan with our new friends Lydia and Gwen. Lydia has been home from Chine for a couple months longer than Ethan.

Scared faces.

Making silly faces.

Summer eatin'

You can't beat corn on the cob in the summer time.

Dear God, Thank you for soccer ball.

That has been part of Ethan's prayers a few times since he got his soccer ball and goal for his birthday. They've both had a lot of fun with it, and it's been great therapy for Ethan. As you can see, he's getting around great in the braces, they don't slow him down at all, in fact, I think they speed him up!!

Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

After watching big brother Brandon opening presents a few days earlier, Ethan knew exactly what to do.

Ethan was pretty excited with Papa on "Ethan Happy Birthday"

Ethan and Brandon with their Buzz Lightyear blasters from Grandma and Papa.

Ethan's soccer ball and goal.

Ethan's green light saber 5th birthday cake.

I don't know how much he really gets that he's now 5 years old, but he can tell you he's 5.

Vacation Bible School

Ethan loved his first Vacation Bible School at Grandma and Papa's church. Snack time is always a hit.
Brandon on the playground on pajama day.

Ethan did a great job all week following along with his class. They had an opening, missions, craft, snack, lesson and playground time.
Brandon and Ethan ready for cosmic hair day. They loved having green hair.

Grampa Gene and Harry are always a big hit at bible school. If you tell your bible verse to Grampa Gene and Harry you get extra Grampa Gene bucks that you can spend at the country store. He also hands out extra bucks when he catches kids doing good deeds. Brandon got extra bucks on the last day for being an all star all week!! Good job Brandon. He even spent some of his bucks to buy a batman wallet for Ethan for his birthday.

Happy Birthday Brandon!!!!

Brandon the budding scientist loves playing with his snap circuits and learning about electrical currents.

Jabba's Sail Barge gave a week of fun putting together, now tons of fun playing with.

Lambert's, home of the throwed rolls for his birthday dinner.

More Star Wars, this time Han Solo and Chewbacca as Transformers.

Brandon's blue light saber cake for his 7th birthday on July 21st!
Happy Birthday Brandon

Monday, July 30, 2007

Future careers?

Brandon the stunt driver.

Ethan the superhero.
I guess they could make worse choices for careers.

Fun with Friends

It was great to have some friends over for a campfire

Bethan and Brandon having fun on the swingset.

Ethan attempting to swing.

Fun in the sun!

Even more fun in the water.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Ethan's Braces

Ethan's AFOs, or braces for his feet and ankles, finally came in today. At first he didn't want them on, but when I commented that the straps were blue like a lightsaber, he suddenly decided they weren't too bad and started calling them blue skywalkers. We had to go shopping and get new shoes, none of the shoes we already had were wide enough to get his feet and braces into.

Here is a video of him running without the AFOs

Here is a video of him running with the AFOs

Long time no post

It's been a while since I've been able to update our blog. Which I probably should rename the Cline Family Adventures instead of the Cline's Adoption Journey, since this has become more to document and share what is going on with our whole family, not just Ethan's journey home.

My computer hard drive crashed and I'm finally back up and running, mostly at least.

I hope to get some more pictures up very soon.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Swimming fun

Gotta love water guns and swimming pools on a hot summers day.

Ethan and Daddy Blowing bubbles

Brandon doing a flip underwater

Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July

What is a 4th of July without sparklers.
Here are my All American Boys getting their sparklers ready.

Ethan's first sparkler.

4th of July

The kids all get to take turns picking a firework and carrying it out to one of the dads and help set it up.
Ethan got the hang of the routine very quickly, he waited in line for his turn, carried his choice out to Daddy, set it up, then ran . . .

. . . to the curb to watch.

4th of July

Our family's 4th of July celebration has many traditions. One is archery off the Sattlers deck.

Mom doesn't end up in very many of the pictures. Here is Lisa's turn.

Here is what Lisa hit!!!

Uncle Barry had a good shot also.

Jamey taking his aim.