Saturday, October 31, 2009

pumpkin time

You want me to touch what?

Okay, not so bad, I can pull out this stuff.

Ethan's pattern

Cutting out the eyes.

Popcorn break. You're doing a great job dad.

Which face is the real kid and which two are the Jack O'Lanterns.


For part of their homework in October ,the 1st graders had to learn to tie their shoes. This is something we haven't worked on since Ethan's shoes that fit over his braces are all Velcro. He was so excited to show off what he learned.

Yeah Ethan!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


We had another burial at sewer for the recently renamed fish "Flippy" He earned that name because about a month ago he started to swim with his body at a sideways angle and would sometimes start doing flips and somersaults in the water. This morning he was finally out of his misery. I told Brand he had flipped his last, and he replied "It's too bad he couldn't live to flip another day."

But all is not lost. Our 13 babies from a month ago are getting big, and I saw three more babies in the tank this morning. I knew that Mollies were life bearers and thought it would be neat if we could see them giving birth, but little did I know that they have the ability to remain pregnant and have more babies every month for five or six months. Can you believe it? this time I am not sticking the babies in the little mesh cage so they are protected. It's survival of the fittest in our tank now.

Another fish earned a new name last month. We now have "Big Mama" in our tank, I don't think anyone remembers the names of any of the other fish anymore. Brandon did suggest today we rename her "Baby Mama" but I think we'll stick with Big Mama.

Anybody want some fish? Our tank is getting too full.

Geology Night

Fish fossil

Gold ore

Fools Gold

Gold Ore
Brandon had fun at geology night with the cub scouts at MU. He got to see a lot of neat rocks, fossils, and volcanic rocks. As soon as we got back to the van I asked what he thought. His response "hundreds of millions years old? Yeah right." I love that our science book is written from a biblical world view and we've been able to teach him about the truth of creation.

Monday, October 05, 2009