Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun times at the Hopkins Picnic

Ethan and Uncle Barry on the Merry Go Round

Ethan riding the motorcycles

Bumper Cars

Definately a favorite
Ethan's favorite game, the cork gun.  His last time he impressed the guy running the game because he knocked over his two cans in his first two shots. Unfortunatly we're now the proud owner of a plastic ninja sword and a lightsaber, as well as several skee ball bears.

Waiting for a ride

Watching Brandon ride the scrambler with Uncle Barry

Riding the scrambler with Uncle Willard

Getting ready for the 102 Valley Bicycle Tour

After Brandon's first 8 mile bike tour.

Catch up

It's time to play catch up.  Since I've last blogged, we celebrated Brandon's 9th Gotcha Day, had Christmas, Ethan' had surgery on his legs and had his 3rd Gotcha Day, finished our first year of homeschooling with Brandon and now summer is half over and we're gearing up for birthdays. 


I promise I'll try to update better.