Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun at home Therapy

First it is Ninja Ethan hitting the bop bag.

Now Batman Ethan knocking down Spiderman. The Bop Bag has been great fun, and a good way to work on coordination.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hair Cuts

It was hair cut day today. Ethan wanted his hair to be like Mace Windu from Star Wars. He is bald. I tried for the shortest setting on my clippers but that wasn't short enough, so we got Daddy's razor and shaved it all off. Just like he wanted it, bald like Mace Windu and Lex Luthor from Superman.
I had to add this picture just because the way he has his eyes just looks so freaky. ;o)

Brandon wanted his hair to stay long. I convinced him that it would be too hot and to let me go shorter and his bangs would grow out by the time school started anyway.

Horseback Riding

Ethan got to start the summer session of Therapeutic Horseback Riding today. He made such a vast improvement last session we're hoping to see great things again this time. He was a little on edge starting up again. He's riding Warrior, the brother of Allie that he rode last time. He also has two new sidewalkers, one of which was way to talkative to him and kept touching his back on his scar which he didn't like. When he is upset or emotional about anything, he complains more about his scar. He started to get back into the swing of things by the end of the session. When I asked him later in the van about it, he said he liked it, but he didn't like the girl with the purple shirt touching his scar. I think if we can get her to stop placing her hand on that part of his back, and he gets back into the routine of it, he'll do great and have a ball again.

Spray Garden

The park that Brandon's Cub Scout Day Camp was at has a lake to swim at, and also a really neat Spray Garden for kids to play in. Wednesday after Speech we had an extra hour until time to pick up Brandon so we hung out at the Spray Garden.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school and the annual awards assembly

In second grade, the awards were based on the district assessments. Brandon earned a certificate for outstanding achievement in Math and Spelling.

Brandon's teacher is retiring this year and the second grade made this scarf for her in art class. She has been a wonderful teacher and even though I tried, I couldn't get her talked into sticking around a few more years so that she could have Ethan also.

Back in the classroom there were more awards. Brandon earned the All-Star Reader award for completing all 6 months of the Book It program. The class also voted on many different awards and Brandon was voted Best Reader, Friendliest Boy, Computer Expert and Second Grade Movie Expert.

Memory Verses

We have been working on our memory verses using The Memory Bible It is a great resource that includes a verse, bible story, song and explanation going through the alphabet, as well as a CD that has the story and song to listen to. Both boys have done a great job working on their verses. This verse was for letter B for Bed. Letter C is for Created and the verse was "God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1. Now every time Ethan hears the words heaven or earth he recites that verse.


Ethan's brace guru decided to custom make a brace for Ethan's left ankle. Every brace that we have tried just doesn't seem to do the trick. Some of them ended up even doing more damage than good. It always amazes me how still Ethan can sit for some of the different medical things that he has to go through.

Once it gets hard, time to get the saw out and cut it off. One week later we have a new brace that so far seems to be doing pretty good!

Memorial Day Parade

Brandon's Cub Scouts pack had a great float for the Memorial Day parade.

You can't see Brandon but he was sitting in this back section.

We went swimming last year with a friend and recently Ethan has been talking about it a lot. I think he's glad it's summer.

Future career

Tall job

Don't look grandma, Daddy got someone to help him clean the gutters.

Changing the oil

Daddy had lots of help changing the oil.


We discovered how much fun painting can be. Ethan started out painting his name, then he started painting all over the paper, covering his name with all kinds of colors. Definitely lots of fun, and only somewhat messy.

I tried to load a video but it wasn't working, I'll try again later.

From Wolf to Bear

Brandon graduated in Cub Scouts from a Wolf to a Bear. He earned a few more arrow points to wear on his uniform, which now I need to figure out exactly where they go on the uniform and get them ironed on there. ;o)

After receiving his awards, they participated in a graduation ceremony. They took off the Wolf bandanna, we walked over a bridge and were presented with the Bear bandanna.

Now a proud Bear!