Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tooth Time


It was held on by one tiny little part and he could wiggle it diagonally. A few screams and "It hurts," finally a sit on moms lap and Daddy got it out. Once he saw it he realized it hurt and cried some more.


Later that day he told us it wasn't so bad. ;o) I wish I had that on tape to play back for him next time. And it won't be long. The other top front tooth is going to be ready to come out very soon.

Check out the paint!

It looks even better in person. I'm very glad to have all the wall color on. It took 2, and in some places 3 coats of cutting in, and 2 coats with the roller. I have blisters from so much painting. Tomorrow I'll start work on the trim and doors. Daddy and the boys primed the doors for me today, so I'm ready to go.