Friday, January 12, 2007


We have an update, but it’s not the one we were hoping to be able to give.

CCAA has decided to add another step in the adoption process. They are now requiring all parents to sign and return a form that says we still accept our referral and still want to adopt him. This was a surprise to everyone including the adoption agencies. Most agencies found out about this new form when they received them in the mail for some of their clients. Our agency received a couple of these forms for people who have been waiting just a little bit longer than we have. Once this form arrives, is signed and returned, we really don’t know how long it will take for them to issue our TA. There are rumors going around that it could take as little as a couple of weeks, or as long as a couple of months. Since this is a new process that they’re adding, we really won’t know how long it takes from this point forward, until the people who received these acceptance letters this week receive their TA.

We were hoping to get the call this week that our TA had arrived, instead, we found out about this new development that will delay us.

Things to pray for:
1. That Ethan will be safe and healthy until we can bring him home.
2. That Brandon will be prepared for the changes that will occur with adding to our family.
3. That we will receive our acceptance letter very soon, can get it returned quickly, and that our TA will come quickly afterward.
4. Patience and understanding for us as we continue to wait.